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For nearly two hundred years, Lyon and the surrounding area have had a major influence on the world of roses.

From the creation of the first hybrid tea rose and the first yellow hybrid tea rose, family dynasties of rose growers have ensured the region's worldwide reputation. For five generations, the Ducher, Guillot, Laperrière and Meilland families, who are still active at the side of other recognized rose-growers, have continued to maintain this reputation:
  • The history of roses in Lyon began in 1825
    Jean-Baptiste Guillot, father and son, Claude Ducher and Joseph Pernet-Ducher were Lyon rose growers who had a preponderant and recognized influence on the world of roses.
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  • Today, Lyon still occupies a leading position in the world of roses
    With ten active rose growers, Lyon is the leading center of rose creation in Europe and the second leading rose producer.
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  • Generations of Lyon rose growers have created over 3,000 different roses
    'La France', 'Mme Alfred Carrière', 'Soleil d'Or', 'Peace' are just a few of well-known Lyon roses.
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  • The queen of flowers, the rose is found in numerous gardens in the region
    In addition to the large public rose gardens, here are some private gardens which will be on the convention tour program, as well as others worth seeing.
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