History of the rose in Lyon

The history of the rose in Lyon began in 1830. Generations of rose growers from Lyon have created over 3,000 varieties of roses.

The Roses Anciennes en France associatio initiated the project of wall paintings to pay tribute to Lyon rose growers of the 19th century and actively collaborated with the muralists of CitéCréation who carried out the projects. The three arches at the bottom of the wall painting were designed as a historical library.


The forerunners

The Golden Age


The apogee

To learn more about the history of roses in Lyon, visit the History of the rose page on the Roses Anciennes en France website.

Former rose growers from Lyon gave rise to rose growers who still are active in the Lyon area.

Contributions to rose production techniques

A major innovation can be attributed to horticulturists from Lyon:

Innovations lyonnaises des techniques de production des roses : la greffe du rosier sur le collet des églantiers par Jean-Baptiste Guillot
Rose grafting
Jean-Baptiste Guillot

Major rose exhibitions in Lyon

In the 19th century, many horticulturists from Lyon invented and experimented. Their dynamism led to the creation of societies which organized numerous horticultural exhibitions; they rapidly met with great success. This will lead to the creation of the Société Française des Rosiéristes in 1896.

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Visit to the University Claude Bernard Lyon I Herbarium

With 4,400,000 specimens, the University Claude Bernard Lyon I Herbarium is ranked second among university herbariums worldwide. Attendees of the 17th World Convention of Rose Societies may visit this herbarium.

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