An event which mobilizes Rose associations and the City of Lyon

WFRS - Fédération Mondiale des Sociétés de Roses The 17th World Convention of Rose Societies will be held under the aegis of the World Federation of Rose Societies. It is organized by the association Congrès 2015 Lyon Roses (Lyon Roses 2015 Convention Association), which includes:
  • The Société Française des Roses (French Society of Roses),
  • Roses Anciennes en France (Heritage Rose in France) and its local branch at Saint Galmier,
  • The Société Lyonnaise d'Horticulture (Lyon Horticultural Society),
  • and a special partner, the City of Lyon.

Ville de Lyon
Société Française des Roses
Roses Anciennes en France
Société Lyonnaise d'Horticulture

Each participant is strongly involved in the project and makes every effort to ensure that this convention will give rise to a veritable festival of roses which will be long remembered by all.

President of the Organization Committee:
    Gilles Buna, Deputy Mayor of Lyon for City Development and Quality of Living.

Presidents of Lyon Rose 2015:
    Gérard Collomb, Senator-Mayor of Lyon,
    Chantal MERIEUX and Alain MEILLAND.

An event which mobilizes the others forces from the world of Rose in France…

Alongside with the organizers from Lyon, participate partners involved in the world of rose in France:

French National Society of Horticulture

SNHF - French National Society of Horticulture

lyon roses 2015