Lyon and nature

Lyon gives green areas the attention they deserve and protects the environment for the well-being of all. On average, each resident of Lyon has access to 32 m2 of green area, and no one is further than 300 meters from where it is located!

The City of Lyon Parks Department works to enhance the living environment and beautify public areas. The Department creates new green areas throughout the city, including developments along the Rhône and Saône riverbanks, as well as neighborhood parks and gardens offering planted interludes where roses have a place of honor.

Lacroix-Laval Estate
This 115-hectare estate of valleys, prairies, woodlands and pathways features a vegetable garden and a rose garden.
Caluire rose garden
Botanical rose garden with over 100 of the 150 wild roses varieties presented along a footpath.
Tête d'Or Park
Covering over 110 hectares, the park offers a precious natural reserve in the heart of the city with, in particular, three complementary rose gardens. This abundance testifies to the region's importance in the history of rose-growing.

Convention Center
2 km

Miribel Jonage Park
Second European suburban park, its 2.200 hectares, including 350 hectares of waterbody, are a protected area that offers a large playground.
Rosaire rose garden
Home to a collection of old roses, this garden connects the Fourvière Basilica to the Saint Jean district in Old Lyon.


Gerland Park
Dedicated to leisure activities and sports, it also offers areas for discovering plants: the "Megaphorbiaie" chromatic garden and the House of Flowers.

To learn more about the parks and gardens of Lyon, visit the "Ville Nature" (Green City) section of the City of Lyon website.

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